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25 Year Celebration - Specials from PaddleYak - 3  August 2020

To celebrate twenty-five years in kayaking in 2020, PaddleYak and Real Cape Adventures CC are not only launching a new website, introducing a unique new kayak and a new sea kayak route and tour in Cape Town, it is also making special offers to paddlers. Special offers will be made in the News Section of the new website to be launched shortly and will require patrons to respond to the offer within a limited time, after which the offer will expire. The offer will usually comprise one item only, so the first to respond will get it. Special offers may relate to new craft, to new but blemished craft, used craft and other paddling gear. It may also relate to kayak trips and tours. To kick off Special Offers, here is one right now: All orders received between today and Sunday 9 August will obtain a whopping 10% off new craft. Brand new, but blemished, craft will obtain 20% in the same period. To order, or for more information, ph 0825562520 or email . NOTE: Special offers will only apply if there is stock and if patrons specifically request it on the basis of this promotion. It will not be automatically allocated.

New Website for PaddleYak and RCA Kayaking. - 3  August 2020

PaddleYak Sea Kayaks and Real Cape Adventures' new secure website will be launched within the next few days. The current site has worked non-stop for twenty-five years, very successfully promoting PaddleYak Kayaks and Real Cape Adventures' sea kayak tours. The site has had a substantial facelift, but the craft and tours are still all there, albeit in a modern format. All the previous addresses and aliases will soon point to the site, which will welcome contributions to its popular News section. Patrons should not be surprised to see the new site; South Africa's premier sea kayak range will be there as will be all Real Cape Adventures' trips and tours. To coincide with the launch of the website, PaddleYak is launching its exciting new PY TravelYak Split Sectional Kayak and announcing an exciting new sea kayak route and tour in Cape Town. Both items are well worth looking forward to. What else will you expect from Johan & Teresa's pathfinding PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions CC and Real Cape Adventures' sea kayaking?!

Book your PY TavelYak Split Kayak now! - 3  August 2020

PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc is a few weeks away from launching its long-awaited new and unique sectional sea kayak, the PY TravelYak Split. Ten years in the making and five prototypes later, the 6th and first commercial version of this craft is about to see the light of day. Johan Loots of PaddleYak has personally tested the prototypes in Madagascar, Zanzibar, Australia, New Zealand and Polynesia, lugging the craft through airports and customs and paddling them in some of the world's most exotic and sought-after sea kayak locations, all the while testing the portability and sea-worthiness of the craft. The final product will reflect all that has been learned, making it one useful, all-round craft that you can pack in a bag and take with you as luggage on all means of transport. It will take one minute to assemble the craft and paddle it into the blue yonder. All PaddleYak craft are handmade, so if you are in the market for a craft which you will not only be able to paddle anywhere, but actually take anywhere, wherever you go, book your one now as they will take time to produce. For more information about the craft's capacity and uses, contact PaddleYak at or phone 0825562520 right now.

Guided Sea-Kayak Trips and Tours Re-open. - 3  August 2020

REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc, South Africa's pioneering sea kayak operator has re-opened it operations after the country was locked down when it had to cancel all its daily and pre-booked overnight kayak tours. The present Lockdown Level 3 now permits trips and tours to be resumed and the company is back at work and trying to salvage bookings which were cancelled due to lockdown at the end of March.If the alcohol and smoking bans were tenuous, the lockdown of outdoor activities such as kayaking bordered on the absurd. Nevertheless, tour operators abided by the regulations in the interest of health and civil cohesion, but are ready to operate now, offering customers the needed respite and escape from the stress brought about by the Covid pandemic. To book your daily trips, or your ovenightCape Kayak Camino Tour in Plettenberg Bay, email or phone 0825562520. The related Camino Kayak Tour in Spain restarted at the beginning of July already and is running as well as ever. Enquire about this tour too if you happen to be in Spain, or are aiming to do it as soon as the pandemic clears and travel is normalised.

PaddleYak Update. July 2020. - 13  July 2020

PaddleYak Sea Kayaks is doing brisk trade post-Lockdown. The company's hand-laminated sea kayaks are as in demand as before. It suggests that eco-friendly activities such as kayaking are going to become even more popular than before as a result of Covid, with many opting for zero-emission activities in the future. Acquiring your own sea kayak, or joining a sea kayak tour, makes perfect sense. PaddleYak Sea Kayaks and REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc [operators of, amongst others, the Cape Kayak Camino in Plettenberg Bay] are celebrating 25 years in the kayaking business this year. A twist of events has catapulted kayaking to the fore and the company is not sitting on its laurels in providing customers with their craft and arranging tours. If you wish to discuss or order PaddleYak Sea Kayaks and Tours, Phone or Whatsup + 27 [0]825562520 or email . We are waiting for your enquiries right now, wherever you are in the world.

PaddleYak Post-Lockdown - Level 3. - 1  June 2020

It's 1 June 2020 and South Africa has moved to Level 3 Lockdown which permits most businesses to operate and for most to exercise between 6 am and 6 pm. It's a stunning day in most of South Africa today and wherever possible paddlers are having a Paddling Day. PaddleYak SA is open for business and is ready to serve your orders. What Corona may have taught us so far is not to wait too long to get a life, so take that plunge and order your PaddleYak now. There are almost 20 models to choose from, all designed and manufactured in SA, just like all SpaceX craft were put together in the US! Now is the opportunity to support SA Businesses, not only because it is the right thing to do, but it's also the BEST thing to do. Discover South Africa's premier kayaks now.
For those waiting to join us on a REAL CAPE KAYAK CAMINO Tour in Plettenberg Bay, or in Spain, we are ready to roll! Just pop us an email and we'll provide you with all the details you require. Bring your family and freinds, or your company. They all need a chance to unwind.
For details, ph 0825562520 or email .
PS: Due out soon is the long-awaited PY TravelYak Split, a unique nesting kayak which you can take apart, put in a bag and take to anywhere in the world. It's a first in its class in the world. What else would you expect from South Africa's premier kayak brand, and World Rugby Champions!

PaddleYak Kayaks during Corona Lockdown - 31  March 2020

Whilst South Africa and many other countries are in lockdown for the safety of its citizens, life goes on. PaddleYak is using the opportunity to complete its long-awaited PY TravelYak Split Kayak which promises to be the real thing for those paddlers wanting to travel to distant places with their kayak in a bag and Real Cape Adventures is fine-tuning its overnight Real Cape Kayak Camino Tour in Plettenberg Bay, in the Garden Route, South Africa as well as planning other new routes and operations. During the Corona Lockdown in South Africa craft will be discounted by a whopping 10%. Those wishing to order a new PaddleYak Kayak should avail themselves of the opportunity and get their orders in soonest. The discount is applicable to buyers in SA only. Those buying from further afield can avail themselves of the weak ZAR exchange rate which is currently hitting an all time low, meaning you can get a PaddleYak Kayak at a very competitive price indeed. Plan for the time after Corona by making use of the present offer. Ph +27 (0)825562520 or email .

PaddleYak and current ZAR-US$ exchange rate - 30  March 2020

Customers in the USA can avail themselves of the outstanding ZAR - US$ exchange rate currently which is topping above R17. Take the new sought-after PY TravelYak which will be launched after Corona, for instance. Price is R20 000 = US$1200! The closest equivalent of this craft in the US costs US$1750, but it lacks the sit-on advantages of the PY TravelYak. The beauty is you can collect the craft here on a holiday visit and take it home with you as luggage! Dealers in the US can order a container load and get double the number of craft in a container due to the split and nested nature of this craft. In this way they not only get an extraordinary advantage rate-wise, but also the advantage of this split craft when transporting it.
South Africans on the other hand need to take cognizance of the slipping ZAR. Whilst PaddleYak SA has held prices down selling directly to the public, it cannot change the sharp rising costs of materials required to build its craft. Thus far South Africans have been fortunate with prices, but the costs of goods are showing an inexorable rise here and they are well advised to place their orders for PaddleYak Kayaks soonest. All craft ordered and paid for now for when production is recommenced after Corona, will obtain a 10% discount. The latter discount will only apply to SA citizens in SA and only until the official lock-down is declared over. To order, ph +27 (0)825562520 or email . Remember: By ordering a South Africa product you are sustaining a proud SA company and its employees during the Corona Lock-down.

Preparing for better times. - 28  March 2020

The previous News insert wished all a wonderful St Valentine's Day, little knowing what was coming. With hindsight it's ironical that we were celebrating a day of love and romance, perhaps humankind's greatest achievements before the Pandemic. It's now time for love and kindness in action. It's the baby boomers' shot at the action and charity World War 11 brought their parents. Also the Millennials'. For all their gizmo's and high tech, war games and artificial intelligence, this is the real thing and their contributions, or lack of it, will determine the outcome. Already news are coming through worldwide of unselfish health workers giving their all and thousands volunteering to render assistance and to "get in harm's way". With such action we will see better times yet. Dysfunctional nations still in regional conflict and ones junked by warped ideologies and corrupt and incompetent officials will suffer the price of their avarice and neglect of the people. Those nations which have put service and civility first will recover,for that's the nature of honest endeavour in the eye of hardship. In such places citizens can look forward to better times, to the pursuance of their dreams; to being with families and friends again and for those who want, to once again point their kayaks to distant horizons and the exotic lands beyond. PaddleYak Sea Kayaks and Real Cape Adventures and their staff wish you all the very best over these testing times and look forward to your patronage once the coast has cleared. We will be here, ready with our new PY TravelYak Split Kayak for you to travel the world with and our latest sea kayak routes. Watch this space. If you wish to place your order for the PY TravelYak Split and any of our other craft, or make enquiries about our future kayak tours phone +27 (0)825562520 or email PS - We will be launching our new website as soon as it is appropriate to do so, so don't be surprised if this current format looks different. It's still us, but in a kinder and warmer, post-Pandemic world! PS - See the next insert regarding the special discount available during the Lock-down.

St Valentine's Day PaddleYak Kayak Deals - 13  February 2020

To celebrate the special day of love this coming Friday 14 Feb 2020, PaddleYak SA is cutting the prices of some of its most popular models to make them more accessible to a greater sector of the population. The company produces twenty different models of sea kayaks, all fulfilling particular requirements, which are sold to the public directly. The company has observed lively sales of used PaddleYak Kayaks, but supplies are running low, so it's adjusting some prices of new craft, at a cost to itself, to bridge the gap. If you are in the market for a PaddleYak Kayak, take a look at the prices right now. You may be pleasantly surprised when comparing the prices with bottom of the scale plastic craft available from supermarkets and the like. PaddleYak SA is expecting that paddlers will avail themselves of this rare opportunity and will keep the prices down for as long as it's possible to do so [considering that all other costs iro supplies, transport, etc. are all on the up]. For more, ph 0825562520 or email or see .

Use it, or Lose it! - 6  February 2020

This well-known call to action has been ascribed to many and is used in various spheres of life to inspire people, including in education, health and business. The latter pertains here. As the country reels from the shocking revelations and daily reports of crime,corruption and violence and the consequences of it, currently devastating daily power cuts, manufacturing suffers at the hands of unworkable employment regulations [leading to the highest official unemployment figure in the world], the collapse of the ZAR, cheap imports and buyer confusion. The net result is the closing down of businesses, including local manufacturing plants. The latter is having a devastating effect on the daily lives of citizens as they lose the skilled services, supplies and special products proudly made in South Africa and once taken for granted. To prevent this slide into a third world quagmire, South African consumers are being called upon to Use it or Lose it, to support local industry which supplies them with specialised products. When you are in the market for a special item, be it a vehicle, a boat, or a kayak, make use of local manufacturers. Only by using local products will buyers ensure that the companies which produce them and provide the service to go with them will not be lost to the country, possibly forever. Consumers under pressure tend to spend mostly only on food, accommodation and transport, but life is more than that. Far more, even in a country under siege by its own administration. The real spice of it is living life to the full, both mentally and physically. Invest in that new product. It will enhance your life. These words of wisdom is brought to you by PaddleYak Sea Kayaks, South Africa's premier sea kayak brand. For more information about PaddleYak Kayaks and Tours, see or email orpohone +27 [0]825562520.

PaddleYak Lay-Buy Terms Offer for Feb 2020. - 29  January 2020

PaddleYak SA is offering a Lay-Buy option for Feb 2020 whereby craft can be ordered, a deposit paid and the balance paid over two or three months, upon which completion, the craft can be obtained. The regular price would apply with no interest added. Cash, card and EFT buyers paying the full price on the other hand, can negotiate a discount upon purchase. With the best months of the year for kayaking approaching, PaddeYak is encouraging paddlers to get their orders in soonest and terms such as these make it possible for those who may delay their orders, to do so too. Ph PaddleYak at 0825562520 or email

Cape Kayak Camino in Plett season opens - 28  January 2020

Real Cape Adventures cc, South Africa's pioneering sea kayak company, established the Cape Kayak Camino Tour in Plettenberg Bay in 2018 to celebrate its contribution to the finding of the first official sea kayak tour started on the famous Camino de Compostella in Spain. Now into its fifth season the tour has gone from strength to strength under the ownership and management of Retha and Carlos Lopez Blanco in Galithea. The Cape Kayak Camino in South Africa kicks in again in Plettenberg Bay at the end of January 2020 and runs till the end of June. it comprises a two day/one night tour with camping and meals included. It's run on the magnificent Plett, Bitou and Keurboom Lagoon system covering approximately 40 kms over two days, a feat which all ordinarily healthy persons can manage. Overland tour companies, backpackers, independent travelers and more are availing themselves of this special tour which includes the Keurbooms Gorge, the region's most stunning natural location. Run personally by the experienced Johan & Teresa Loots, doyens of sea kayaking in Africa, the eco-friendly tour gives participants the best possible experience in the fabled Garden Route of South Africa. If you wish to experience the real thing, book your tour now. Email or phone +27 (0)825562520ur

PaddleYak Kayaks in Cape Town - 24  January 2020

The PaddleYak Sea Kayak Company started production in Cape Town in the mid-nineties and is currently in its 25th year. It has provided paddlers in Cape Town with a variety of sea-worthy kayaks and has shipped craft around the world. It has won two national design awards and its hybrid configuration used on some craft has been described as a unique South Africa innovation. The brand is sought-after and has been associated with a variety of world first kayak expeditions, including Riaan Manser's circumnavigation of Madagascar and his and Dan Skinstad's circumnavigation of Iceland. The company has set up various sea kayak routes and operations through its touring company, Real Kayak Adventures cc, the latest being the overnight Cape Kayak Camino tour run in Plettenberg Bay, celebrating its role in the setting up of a successful operation on the Camino de Compostella in Spain. Cape Town paddlers can avail themselves of the craft and services provided by PaddleYak SA. The company is known for its helpfulness and resourcefulness in accommodating paddlers' needs. When thinking of kayaks in Cape Town, think PaddleYak. Try PaddleYak for all your kayaking needs. Ph 0825562520 or email PaddleYak and Real Cape Adventures' website is currently being upgraded to make it more secure, but you can still access it at or .

PaddleYak in London, UK. - 22  January 2020

A PaddleYak representative, from South Africa, the World Rugby Champions, will be visiting London from 27 Jan to mid February 2020 to meet prospective PaddleYak Sea Kayak buyers. Whether interested as an individual, importer, distributor, or retailer, this is a great opportunity to meet face to face. PaddleYak Kayaks have distinguished itself with its innovative hybrid sit-in/sit-on sea kayak design as well as the sponsorship of Riaan Manser who circumnavigated both Madagascar as well as Iceland in these craft, proving their versatility. The latest craft due out soon will be the world's first sectional sit-on sea kayak where the parts nest into each other, effectively reducing the volume for traveling and storing. The PY TavelYak Split is set to become the choice of many looking for craft giving them the freedom and ease they need. It will come in hand-laminated fibreglass, as well as composites like carbon and kevlar, making it virtually bullet-proof.Use the opportunity to meet. For inquiries, ph + 27[0[825562520 or email

Face-lift for PaddleYak Website - 15  January 2020

The PaddleYak, Real Cape Adventures, The African Sea Kayak Society (TASKS) and Seakayak website is currently being upgraded to give users an easier experience of one of South Africa's most iconic brand's websites. One of the original sites it offered online shopping when the latter was still in its infancy as a marketing device. The upgrade will be secure and Cookie-free and make communicating and ordering your new craft and other innovative products offered a seamless experience. Now you will be able to book your kayak trip and tour from the comfort of your mobile phone, even whilst sitting on your kayak! Suppliers worldwide can link to the site too at no cost. Thanks must go out to John Botton and Doorway who patiently built the original site which to this very moment has served us and the sea kayak community so well, to the team at Mweb which has stood by with technical support whenever we needed it and to Enya and Louis who took on the daunting task of revamping the site. To you all, we are forever grateful. We look forward to a new decade of paddlers ordering their PaddleYak craft and joining the ranks of paddlers worldwide who have enjoyed our craft for over two decades now.

Why kayak prices differ so much. - 11  December 2019

Just as you find a huge spread in auto vehicle prices because of the varying qualities of the vehicles, so you find huge differences in prices of boats, kayaks and other watercraft. In respect of kayaks, the top of the range craft are manufactured by hand in fibreglass and other composite materials. These give you the best quality and performances. All Olympic craft for instance are manufactured in composite fibreglass materials, including carbon and Kevlar. At the bottom of the range you will get budget roto-molded plastic play craft. These are usually for novices and recreational use and whilst providing lots of fun to many, are limited in respect of portability and versatility. If you are in the market for better performing craft to optimize your paddling time, be prepared to pay for the quality. South Africans are fortunate to be able to still obtain composite craft at reasonable prices. Overseas you will pay up to four times more, which demonstrates the desirability of such craft, prices ranging from R30 000.00 to R80 000.00. Make your paddling experience special; dig a bit deeper and invest in handmade kayaks like PaddleYak Sea Kayaks produced in South Africa for the world. For more, ph 0825562520 or email or see

Warning - Suppliers closing for 2019 - 11  December 2019

Suppliers of raw products are generally closing by Friday 13 December 2019 for the festive season. Manufacturers like PaddleYak SEA KAYAK PRODUCTIONS cc in Knynsa will continue till Christmas, but are dependent on supplies for orders placed so customers wishing to be paddling any of PaddleYak's select craft are urged to confirm their orders soonest. Orders for 2020 are also invited now. Better to be an early bird! Ph 0825562520 or emaill or see

Kayaks for Knysna, Plett, George & Mossel Bay - 4  December 2019

PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc has been producing award-winning recreational, adventure and expedition level sea kayaks since the mid-1990's. It's attributed with a SA innovation in respect of the hybrid sit-in/sit-on kayak concept as well as the development of SA's top adventure racing craft and is a leader in expedition-level craft. All state-of-the-art PaddleYak Kayaks are produced by hand in sought-after fibreglass composites, providing for the best designs and performances. Residents in and visitors to South Africa's Garden Route are fortunate to be able to obtain these craft directly from the factory in Knysna. With the summer festive season a week away, the company is extending itself to meet demand. All craft have to be pre-ordered, so a last chance this week to get your orders in if you still wish to have your PaddeYak Kayaks by Christmas. Support South African manufacturers and local producers. Buy proudly-made in South Africa today. Help yourself. Help the country. Ph or Whatsup 0825562520 or email or see There are twenty different PaddleYak Kayak Models to choose from. The long-awaited PY TravelYak Split for adventure travelers will be available early in 2020 so get your name on the waiting list so you can travel to those distant shores with your world-leading sectional PaddleYak Kayak in a bag. Don't delay your orders and your purchases. Use the opportunity, or lose it.

Plett Rage takes over! - 2  December 2019

The annual influx of matriculants into Plett is happening this week and the town is already abuzz with energy. Any bursting with adrenaline interested in kayaking, or other activities in Plett? Not likely! The focus is strictly on themselves and each other. Dancing the night away and sleeping it off in the day is the order of the day. Oh for the sweet innocent pleasures of youth. Long may it last. To share in the fun, wherever you are, invest in a proper sea kayak and go discover the waterways of the world. PaddleYak Kayaks are open to service your orders this festive season. Order now. Ph or Whatsup 0825562520. Email .

Kayak to Adventure! - 25  November 2019

With the month of December upon us buyers are pushing to obtain the best products available locally. PaddleYak Kayaks, South Africa's premier brand for handmade recreational and expedition level kayaks are right up there and is rallying to service orders during the festive season. The distinctive craft cater for all levels of paddling, from recreational to touring and beyond. In short,for all who wish to obtain craft to enjoy some exciting adventures with, whether in their own backyard, or locally in such locations as False Bay, Langebaan, Still Bay, Mossel Bay, Knysna, Plett, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban, Balito or further afield in neighboring countries such as Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Gabon and the Congo and in offshore islands such as Mauritius, Madagascar, the Seychelles and the Comores. PaddleYak Kayaks are also shipped offshore, the last batch headed for Muscat in Oman. South Africans are indeed fortunate to be able to obtain hand-laminated fibreglass craft at the prices they are available at here from PaddleYak. It makes the upgrading from plastic play craft to the real thing, genuine sea kayaks, a no-brainer. To discuss and order your PaddleYak Kayak, ph 0825562520 or email info@seakayak, today.

Austerity measures not the answer. - 21  November 2019

Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize winning economist has warned that austerity measures when the economic outlook is grey is a backward step, pointing out the differences in approach between Greece and Portugal, the latter recovering its economy by a more robust approach. The fact is, capitalism depends entirely on spend for funds to go round, for projects to be launched and for wealth to grow. It's important therefore to spend, not only on essentials such as food, fuel and accommodation, but also on lifestyle which promotes health and most importantly, morale. So, if you are in the market for that locally produced kayak, now is the time to take the bull by the horns and invest in it! Help yourself. Help the country's economy. To order your PaddleYak Sea Kayak, ph 0825562520 or email today.

Cape Kayak Camino Bookings for Jan to June 2020 - 19  November 2019

REAL CAPE ADVENTURES' CAPE KAYAK CAMINO season runs from mid-Jan to end of June, but tours are also run on special request. T Costs are R1950 pp for two days of paddling and camping on the magnificent Plettenberg Bay Waterway, including the Bitou and Keurbooms Estuary and Gorge. It's also possible to do only one day of the tour at R750 pp. Book now on 0825562520 or email soonest. The tour has been set up by Johan and Teresa Loots of REAL CAPE ADVENTURES, South Africa's pioneering sea kayak company. Tour Operators are invited to add this tour to their itineraries too, giving their guests the best activity tour in the Garden Route and scoring environmental points whilst doing so. Ph 0825562520, email and see

The storm before the calm! PaddleYak Kayaks. - 13  November 2019

The unseasonal poor weather which has hit much of the South African coast this week may be a harbinger of good tidings in respect of good weather for the summer season ahead. Whilst the weather may hark back to winter and thoughts of hibernating a bit longer may surface, the likelihood is that South Africa's beaches and coast will be blossoming with good weather this season and that the demand for top notch paddling craft will exceed the supply. Whilst imported budget plastic paddling play craft may be available from supermarkets and large retail stores, the real thing, hand-laminated adventure kayaks, like the PaddleYak Kayak range, will be difficult to obtain in time for the holiday season if you have not ordered your craft already. PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc, based in Knysna [but which supplies country- and worldwide], is urging customers to avoid disappointment by placing their orders now. Suppliers of fittings and raw materials are closing early in December and are already hard-pressed to deliver back orders, meaning that craft ordered too late will only be completed in the New Year. To get your order in in time, ph 0825562520, or email or see soonest.

Pedalo paddle boats with glass view port - 13  November 2019

A pedalo paddle boat with a glass view port is a rarity even though pedal-type paddle boats have been around since the first paddle boat steamers took to water. PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc, the innovative South Africa kayak company which introduced the hybrid kayak concept and produces the leadin g PaddleYak range of sea kayaks, is setting up to provide pedalos with a view port for use in locations where underwater landscapes and sea conditions permit. Hotels, resorts and other outlets can now acquire self-propelled paddle boats which allow users to enjoy the underwater landscapes at their leisure. Manufactured in South Africa's Western Cape, the company, which has been in production for 25 years and have been awarded two national design awards, produces craft in top quality hand-laminated fibreglass for best performance, robustness and longevity. Whilst various manufacturers have produced budget pedalos in plastic, resin-impregnated fibreglass laminates have stood the test of time. Pedalos are large craft and tend to be left in the open where they become weather-beaten. Only laminated fibreglass craft can withstand the combined rigors of sun, heat and sea. For more information, Whatsup or Ph +27 (0)825562520, or email Johan at

South Africa set for New Dawn - 9  November 2019

With the winning of the World Rugby Championships in Japan in Oct 2019 South Africa has been given the necessary boost to overhaul its economy which over the least two decades has been devastated by corruption, incompetence and ideology. Pres Cyril Ramaphosa has announced far-reaching law changes to stimulate business and increase employment which currently is at one of the lowest levels in the world. Looking forward to a rosier economy and a new dawn, it's time to invest in an authentic, home-spun product made in South Africa and recognised worldwide; a PaddleYak Sea Kayak which is produced by PaddeYak Sea Kayak Productions CC. The company which is heading for its 25th year in production has not only survived taxing times, but prevailed. Its craft have made it possible for many to enjoy the pleasures of kayaking, both in their own backyards and on distant shores. Its innovative and award-winning designs cater for a variety of needs, skills and applications. Become part of the South African Dream, invest in a genuine South African product. Help yourself. Help the environment. For the best possible guidance on kayaking and kayaks, contact PaddleYak Kayaks at, ph +27(0)825562520, or see

Cape Kayak Camino - Plett takes off - 4  November 2019

The first of REAL CAPE ADVENTURE's Cape Kayak Camino Kayak Tours in Plettenberg Bay for the 2019-2010 summer season kicked off last week. A large group of keen friends celebrating a milestone birthday made the most of the spring conditions to participate in a thoroughly enjoyable kayak tour. Paddlers wishing to enjoy the fabled Garden Route in the best way possible can make their bookings now, either directly or through eco-friendly tour operators who have included this tour in their itineraries. For direct bookings,ph +27 (0)825562520 or email or see .

50 Days to Christmas 2019! - 4  November 2019

Customers are reminded that there are only 50 days to Christmas from the 5th of November 2019. The World Rugby Cup has distracted many from their own plans this summer so this is a reminder to buyers to get their orders for PaddleYak Kayaks in soonest. PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions is SA's premier sea kayak manufacturer. There are 20 PaddleYak models to choose from, each one having been developed for a special application. PaddleYak Kayaks are hand-laminated in durable fibre-reinforced materials for long-term use. They are proudly South African and have stood the test of time. Contact us now and discuss your needs. Ph +27 (0)825562520 or email or see

On Top of Rugby World 2019! - 4  November 2019

Cheers all round to the Boks for their gutsy performance at the World Rugby Cup 2019 in Japan. Their victory over worthy England in the grand final has cemented the nation and one hopes it is inspired to take the next step towards wholesomeness and future prosperity.PaddleYak Kayaks and REAL CAPE ADVENTURES take pleasure in congratulating all concerned and wishing the team and the nation all the best in going from strength to strength from here on forward.

PaddleYak Kayaks for Summer of 2019 - 12  October 2019

Summer is almost upon us and those who have not been paddling throughout the year will be hauling out their kayaks soon. For those not yet in the know: PaddleYak Kayaks is an original South African brand which has been in production for over twenty years, supplying local paddlers as well as the international paddling fraternity. If you are in the market for a top sea kayak, look no further. Contact PaddleYak Kayaks today for the best advice and the top craft for your needs. Ph 0825562520 or email or see .

Pedalo Paddle Boats - 12  October 2019

Pedalo Pedal Boats were the rage fifty years ago and could be found worldwide at amusement parks and hotels with placid and protected waters. The original fibreglass models were eventually copied in the East and many plastic versions showing a variety of shapes and forms emerged. Whilst the plastic craft were distributed worldwide to hotels and resorts, it soon became apparent that the plastic bodies were not only exceptionally heavy, but could not withstand the ultra-violet rays of the sun and most started deteriorating and cracking up, leading many back to the far more durable and long-lasting original fibreglass versions. If you fancy some fun paddling on placid waters on the pedal boats of yore, consider a Retro Pedalo from PaddleYak SEA KAYAK PRODUCTIONS cc. Ph 27 [0]825562520 or email or

Three Months to Christmas - Order Now - 24  September 2019

With only three months to go to Christmas customers are advised to place their orders for PaddleYak Kayaks now. Avoid the year-end rush and the risk of not getting a craft in time. PaddleYak SA has warned that supply lines are stressed during the holiday season and deliveries on time cannot be guaranteed. The company builds its popular craft on order only, with average waits of 10 working days being the order of the day. To place your order now, email, ph +27 (0)825562520 or see

SA Waveski Champs 2019 - Now and Then. - 24  September 2019

The SA Waveski Champs were held at Jongensfontein, South Africa, over the weekend of the 20th September 2019 and the results are listed below. The first-ever Waveski Champs were held in 1976 in conjunction with the Gunston 500 Surf Contest at Nahoon Reed, East London, in monstrous surf which pounded surfers and waveski surfers alike. The surf side of the event had surfers from around the world participating, with the legendary Thompsons and Jonathan Paarman reaching the finals in the Men's. The Waveski final had Robbie Henstra, Jack James and Johan Loots take the top three positions in giant surf. Notable about the final were the differences in craft being used, with James in a surfyak, a sit-in ski which required supreme rolling skills and Loots on a modern sit-on waveski, the Skiwee, from the famous Corner Surfshop in Muizenberg where Peter Wright was at the helm of things [and still is]. This contest set the stage for future events where legendary waveski surfers like Kola le Roux, Paddy Smith, Sean McGuire and the MacCleods on the Men's side and Tracey Sassen on the Women's side featured and from whose ranks came the first World Champions in the sport. It also contributed to waveski and kayak designs to come. The most recent results are as follows:-


1st Mike Wessels WP

2nd Bruce Viaene Border

3rd Ryan Griffith KZN

4th Steph LeRoux WP

Senior Men:

1st Bruce Viaene Border

2nd Duran Martin KZN

3rd Mike Wessels WP

4th Ryan Griffith KZN

Ladies Final:

1st Heleen Rossouw WP

2nd Sandra Pienaar EC

3rd Natalie Newman WP


1st Marcus Esterhuyse WP

2nd Francois Roesstorff Border


1st Neal Stephenson WP

2nd Schalk Van Wyk WP

3rd Sheldon Schroeder KZN

4th Timothy Redelinghuys Border

Grand Masters:

1st Rory Taylor WP

2nd Steph LeRoux WP

3rd Doug Copeland Border

4th Darren Bunker WP


1st Ken Clements WP

2nd Jeremy Pienaar EC

3rd Dave Griffith KZN

4th Darryl Moodie KZN

PaddleYak Kayaks SA salute the participants and the original pathfinders who contributed so much to the development of this fine outdoor and eco-friendly sport. For more about PaddleYak Kayaks, email, see or phone +27 (0)825562520.

Global Warming and Adventure Tourism? - 20  September 2019

Today is Global Warming Strike Day and millions are striking to inspire the world and its citizens to take responsibility for global warming through the choices they make every day [see ]. It raises the question in every sphere of life, including in tourism, just how much one is contributing to global warming through one's pursuits. Tourism is a main culprit, inspiring million to travel in the pursuit of fun. Tour companies are presumably addressing the issues, reducing carbon footprints wherever possible. Perhaps they should become graded in respect of their carbon output. Gradings would have to distinguish between getting to destinations and the actual activities engaged in when there. If the latter was the criterion, nature-orientated companies eschewing the use of fossil-burning vehicles, like hiking and kayaking companies, would be on top of the list of eco-friendly operations. Bus companies and companies depending on vehicles for their activities would be on the bottom of the list [for as long as they do not switch to electric power, and even that may be an issue]. Eco-conscious travelers should consider their traveling plans and choose companies which produce less or zero emissions in the pursuit of what they offer. It seems to be the ethical thing to do, yet very few tourists would make any concessions in their travel plans iro the amount of fossil fuel they will be using in the pursuit of it. One way to do it is to include kayak tours in your itinerary. Choose kayak tours above any activities requiring vessels which burn up fuel and thereby contribute to global warming and eventually to the suffocation of life on earth, which is what the strikes are about today. Wherever you are or when visiting South Africa and the Garden Route, choose kayaking above all to explore the unspoilt nature areas about. Be responsible. Consider future generations. Demonstrate to others what the right thing is to do. Book your trips and tours with REAL CAPE ADVENTURES, the country's premier sea and lagoon kayak company. See , email or phone +27 (0)825562520. REAL CAPE ADVENTURES SA salute all youth standing up for their futures today. The future is yours. Demand it.

PaddleYak Kayak Range for Summer 2019 - 13  September 2019

PY SINGLES [PY = PaddleYak]. Request prices or see website.
S1. PY Darter Tripper Sit-on [3,6m,19kgs].Compact/Portable. No rudder.
S2. PY Darter Tourer Sit-on [3,6m, 19kgs]. Compact with rudder.
S4. PY Solo Sit-on [4,5 m, 25kgs]. All-rounder with rudder.
S5. PY Gypsy Sit-on [4.7m,20kgs]. Streamlined all-rounder w rudder.
S6. PY Gypsy Hybrid [4.7m, 20kgs]. With coaming.
S7. PY Swift Sit-on [5.2m, 23kgs]. Award-winning all-rounder.
S8. PY Swift Hybrid [5.2m, 24kgs]. With coaming.
S9. PY Fusion Sit-on [5.4m, 24 kgs]. Sleek sit-on.
S10. PY Fusion Hybrid [5.4 m, 25kgs]. With coaming.
S11. PY Kingfisher[4.6m, 26kg]. Basic fishing kayak.
S12. PY Kingfisher Pro [4.6m, 30kg]. With double liner and special hatch.
S13. PY Explorer Sit-In [5.5, 24kg]. High volume, traditional touring sea kayak.
S14. PY TravelYak Split Sit-on. Sectional split kayak with nested parts.
D1.PY Gypsy Duo Sit-on[5m, 28kg]. Compact double.
D2. PY Gypsy Duo Hybrid[5m, 28kg]. Hybrid double.
D3.PY Tango Sit-on[5.5m, 32kg].All-round family/commercial double.
D4.PY Swift Sit-on [6m,28kg]. Streamlined Adventure Double.
D5.PY Swift Hybrid [6m, 34kg]. Streamlined Adventure Hybrid Double.
PY SURFSKIS [singles only].
SF1. PY Elegance; Fast, competitive surfski for -90kgs.
SF2. PY Pro-X: Fast, competitive/touring surfski for paddlers 90+.
Cobra Alu.Plastic. General all-round use.
Orka Carbon/fg. Standard Blade. Lightweight.
Orka Carbon/fg. Wing Blade. Lightweight.
PY Sprayskirt. Special skirt in neoprene to fit hybrid kayaks.
PY Kayak Trolley. Stainless frame with wide wheels.
Holdfast Phoenix. Prices from, depending on model of vehicle.
Lalizas. Imported/registered life jacket/pfd [flotation device] for paddlers.
PY Paddler Utility Jacket.
A sleeveless jacket with a useful pocket worn by itself or over or under a PFD.
PY Twist & Lock type only.
PY Twist & Lock type with uphaul, cables, crimps, pulley and bungee.
Adjustable Hinged Foot Pedals.
Screw Hatches: L/M/S. Also Neoprene Hatch Covers. Imported Rubber rims.

World first kayak platform step for launching from jetties.

PaddleYak Price Adjustments - 13  September 2019

SA PaddleYak has made overdue adjustments to prices of a number of its craft and accessories. The prices are immediately effective and replace all previous prices. PaddleYak Kayaks has been in production for over twenty years now and is a leading innovator and supplier in the country of recreational and expedition level sea kayaks. Its craft have been winners of two national design awards and the company has shipped craft to end-users in over thirty companies worldwide. Paddlers in South Africa are fortunate indeed to be able to still get quality, hand-laminated fibreglass craft at the prices being offered by PaddleYak. Overseas paddlers, who regard fibreglass craft as superior, have to pay double to triple the price for hand-laminated fibreglass craft, which account for a large share of PaddleYak Kayaks being shipped offshore. For more about PaddleYak Sea Kayaks, contact PaddleYak at +27 (0)825562520, email or see ..

SA Surfski paddlers take six medals at Worlds - 12  September 2019

SA Men took all the Men’s honours at the ICF World Surfski Championships just held at the beautiful Saint de Quiberon in France. The full results were:-

1. RICE Sean (RSA) 1.34.15
2. RICE Kenneth (RSA) +38
3. HILL Cory (AUS) +52
1. MCKENZIE Danielle (NZL) 1:43:48
2. NIXON Hayley (RSA) +1.20
3. HATTON Teneale (NZL) +2.42
U23 – MEN
1. FENN Joshua (RSA) 1:39.05
2. HENOT Hector (FRA) +1.16
3. HAVARD Noah (AUS) +3.00
1. SMITH Jemma (AUS) 1:46.59
2. MASSIE Brianna (AUS) +3.22
3. PURCHASE Kyeta (RSA) +5.23
1. HART Ulvard (RSA) 1:40.36
2. GUTIERREZ Jorge (ESP) +4.18
3. FENN Matthew (RSA) + 4.35
1. SWETISH Katriana (USA) 1:57.13
2. SHIPWAY-CARR Jazmin (AUS) +5.09
3. DEWASTE Claire (FRA) +5.35
If you want to learn more about surfski paddling or if you want to look into a suitable surfski, contact PaddleYak at +27 (0)825562520, emal or see .

World Canoe Sprint Championships 2019 - 6  September 2019

The ICF’s Kayak Sprint Championships have just been held in Segev, Hungary. Most paddlers were participating to make their National Olympic Teams for the forthcoming 2020 Olympics in Japan. With the exception of two SA Women paddlers [incl Bridgett Hartley who won a Silver at the 2012 Olympics in London], there were no others. SA paddlers are generally recognised as being the best in the world in Canoe Marathon and Open Ocean Surfski competitons, with names like Oscar Chalupsky, Luke McGreogr and Dawid and Jasper Mocke being well-known in the paddling fraternity, but being barred from sprinting competition and the Olympics in the 1960-80 era, paddlers here have not focussed on this discipline. There is reason to believe though that South Africans, and other Africans, will excel in the sprints giving it the focus it requires. PaddleYak SA therefore wishes to encourage clubs, schools and associations to take another look at this discipline with the youth in mind. For more details contact PaddleYak SA at 0825562520 or Also see

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